Candidates : You Called Us, Now What?

All search firms receive unsolicited resumes every day. Some people are between positions, others employed but itchy, a few just introducing themselves to start to build a lasting relationship. We like the third group the best. The old proverb “fix the leaky roof when the sun is shining” applies here. You’re in public relations. Build a relationship with us.

Resumes are frequently accompanied by a request for a few minutes on the phone, reaction to the resume and our read on “the market.” If you’re local, we may ask you to come to our office. It generally isn’t a good use of our time to have a phone conversation if you live or work in New York. If you’ve been recommended by someone we respect, we’re more likely to spend those few minutes with you. Of course, if your background is appropriate for a current assignment, or particularly noteworthy, we’ll be eager for more contact.

If we’re conducting a search for which you could be a candidate, we’ll contact you to discuss it. If that happens, please see “We Called You, Now What?”

If you don’t hear from us right away, feel free to send a follow-up email every so often to let us know your status. If you land somewhere before we’ve had a chance to get together on a search, let us know where you’re going. That will be the time you are least interested in communicating with search firms, but it’s the most important time to do it. Your career is a multi-decade marathon, not a sprint. You’re excited about your new position, naturally, and may think this is the last place you’ll work. Most likely, it isn’t. So don’t make us have to look for you. We may read about your move in the trades, you’re probably on LinkedIn, but a quick email will help make us more likely to want to reach out to you the next time we have an appropriate

And by the way, congratulations!