Moyer, Sherwood Associates has been around for over twenty years, and David Moyer was in search for eight more with two of the most highly-regarded firms in the field. He has always specialized in corporate communications/public relations, after beginning his career in that field. All three firms were fully retained, and members of AESC.

So what we do, unsurprisingly, is that – and only that: retained executive search consulting in communications. We work primarily for Fortune 500 corporations, leading professional services firms and large nonprofits. We take the word consulting in the phrase executive search consulting seriously. We don’t work on contingency.

We also take the idea of professional services seriously. This has several components:

Clients come first

Our name is on the door, we aren’t publicly traded, we can afford to focus on client service and not have quarterly revenues drive our every decision. We want to make sure your assignment is completed to your satisfaction, with the search process along the way smooth and informative and the ultimate candidate selection timely, high-quality and long-lasting. Your interests are paramount.


Our profession is important to us – enough so that we decline assignments we believe to be unfeasible, inappropriate or ill-advised. We refer assignments to other firms if we think they will perform them better than we can. We will resign an engagement if asked to do something illegal or unethical and we can’t resolve it out with our client.

Candidates deserve to be treated fairly by us and our clients. Most of them are employed and while we work for the client, respect and candidate confidentiality serves clients’ best interests as well as candidates’.

Objectivity and unbiased outside perspective

There’s a saying that “The customer is always right.” There is also a difference between customers and clients. If a customer in a shoe store insists her delicate foot is a size 6 and the salesman knows it’s at least an 8, he’ll still sell her a 6. That’s the customer is always right. A client retaining a professional services firm does so in large part for something different: unvarnished, unfiltered, objective advice. We provide that, and in the poorly understood, hard-to-evaluate field of communications, our critical contribution is supplying sage counsel, well thought-out assessment tools and solid guidance on finalist selection.

Corporate social responsibility

Finally, while CPAs have public in their title and we don’t, we do have some obligations to society at large. Nondiscrimination, diversity, inclusion. Acting with integrity. Advancing the ability to objectively evaluate candidates with the best assessment methodology we can develop specific to communications.

We’re happy to discuss all of this with you. In the meantime, you’ve come here to read the “who we are” section every firm has on its website. We have also put together the flip side, a series of pages called “who you are.” Because ultimately, it isn’t about who Moyer, Sherwood is, it’s about whether you’re the CEO, head of communications, or someone in HR who has a need. What follows is our take on the particular requirements of you, your role and your company, as they relate to corporate communications and executive talent.